It all started when...

Anne Churchill had an idea!  It's been two years in the works since the vision of Jubilee Planning Studio began! Since then the vision has become a carefully thought out business. Anne, owner of AnnaBelle Events and Mid-Missouri's leading Event & Wedding Planner, saw a need in our area for something more.  

Something more for clients that need guidance and somewhere to start in planning events and weddings. Knowing a full service planner is not the right fit for everyone or every event, Jubilee fills the need when that's the case.

Something more for fellow vendors, where they could officially come together to collaborate, work and take their businesses to the next level...together!

We like to say that AnnaBelle and Jubilee are sisters!  While opposite of one another, together they provide everything needed for their family.

So what should you except when you visit Jubilee! Be ready to have fun and truly enjoy planning your special occasion.  Our showroom is located is the beautiful co-working space of The Hatchery!  Within our showroom you can browse samples of rentals, paper goods, favors and much more.  Along with portfolios of our vendors to find out what they can do for you! Best of all everyone receives a complimentary consultation with an Expert Wedding Planner, book yours today by contact us.

In the seven years of AnnaBelle Events, Anne has worked in just about every scenario.  Starting in her home office, then moving to a shared studio space and the past two years has held a private office. With all that experience she knows the pros and cons of it all.  Leaning on her close relationships of a few vendors Anne has crafted the perfect combo; of work and meeting space, display area, marketing, office support and even more. Giving vendors exactly what they need to take their business to the next level. While providing an amazing resource to clients not otherwise available. 

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